Mobile Food Pantry

Despite the more than 400 agencies and programs we serve across the state, there remain many areas with high levels of need.  Even in areas where agencies do provide assistance, clients may not always have access to food because many agencies have limited capacity, and can only by open certain hours or days of the week.

Our Mobile Food Pantry program addresses this problem with inner-city food drops on a weekly basis (subject to availability of product).  When funding is available, additional Mobile Food Pantry food drops are done in remote locations around the state in response to local need and as a means to distribute nutritious food, such as fresh produce, meats, dairy and canned or boxed items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find information about the next mobile food pantry?

Click here to see upcoming mobile food pantries. 

How many families receive food from one of your Mobile Food Pantry food drops?

 Our mobile food pantry provides a means to distribute nutritious food, such as fresh produce, meats, dairy and shelf-stable food items on average to more than 400 families.

How do you decide where to hold a Mobile Food Pantry?

Through quarterly statistics known as Meals Per Person in Need, which are available to us on a county by county basis, we are able to determine which areas of the state most need additional food distribution.  The Mobile Food Pantry program allows us to target those areas.

If there are leftovers, what happens to that food?

If local agencies have the capacity to store the excess food, then any leftovers will be left with them for future distribution.  Otherwise, all items will be returned to the NH Food Bank for regular distribution to our agencies.

How much does it cost to sponsor a Mobile Food Pantry?

The cost of food and transportation for a Mobile Food Pantry that delivers one truckload of food is about $13,000 on average.  A donor may wish to fully fund a Mobile Food Pantry, or may donate a smaller amount which can be pooled together with other donations to fund the event. We are able to distribute approximately 400 shelf-stable food boxes and 400 produce boxes at each mobile food pantry to individuals and families experiencing food insecurity.

Who can I contact to discuss sponsoring a Mobile Food Pantry?

Please call or email Nancy Mellitt, Director of Development, at 603-669-9725 ext. 1129 or