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Together, We Can Solve Hunger™

September is Hunger Action Month, when the Feeding America nationwide network of food banks unite to urge businesses and individuals to take action in their communities.

The goal of Hunger Action Month is to mobilize the public to act on behalf of the men, women and children who are food insecure in New Hampshire. It is our opportunity to create a movement throughout September that has a real and lasting impact on the New Hampshire Food Bank's mission to help end hunger in New Hampshire.

As individuals, charities, businesses and government, we all have a role to play in getting food and services to those in need. This September, join the New Hampshire Food Bank and Feeding America and Together, We Can Solve Hunger™.

Hunger Action Month Happenings

Throughout the month, there will be several events and challenges that you can take part in to help advocate and increase awareness for the New Hampshire Food Bank. Below are a few happenings that you could take part in!


September 5th - Go Orange

To celebrate Go Orange Day on September 5 and bring awareness of the issue of hunger in our community throughout September, buildings, landmarks and people across the country will go orange. Wear orange, turn your social media profile pictures orange, and encourage others to do the same!

Please join Governor Maggie Hassan and others as she proclaims September Hunger Action Month in New Hampshire at the State House Plaza on September 5th at 12:30pm.

September 30th - 4th Annual WBS Harvest Golf Classic

This annual golf tournament to benefit the NH Food Bank will be held at Manchester Country Club with a Noon shotgun scramble format. All fund raised at the golf outing will support the NH Food Bank's efforts to expand food distribution and innovative educational programs to reach those who need it most. Click here to learn more and become a sponsor!

Additional Events

Find more events sponsored by community members like you on our Events page!


Take the SNAP Challenge

Can you eat on just $4.50 a day? This Challenge encourages participants to get a sense of what life is like for millions of low-income Americans facing hunger. While the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, commonly known as food stamps) provides monthly benefits to supplement the food budgets of families in need, in many cases the benefits are inadequate and families still struggle to put food on the table, relying on the New Hampshire Food Bank's programs to fill meal gaps.

By accepting the SNAP Challenge, you’ll commit to eating all of your meals from a limited food budget comparable to that of a SNAP participant. For more info visit the SNAP Challenge Website or email Morgan at msaunders@nhfoodbank.org.

Lunch Challenge

Do you go out to lunch during the week? On average, how much do you spend on meals out? Take our lunch challenge by packing a lunch and donating the money you would have spent ordering out to the New Hampshire Food Bank. How many meals could your lunch turn into? $1 = 2 meals. We are looking for companies to get on board with the lunch challenge, so please email Morgan at msaunders@nhfoodbank.org.

What else can I do?

Keep your eye out for our 30 Ways in 30 Days calendar that will have a small act you can do each day to help advocate for the New Hampshire Food Bank.

Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to keep an eye out for Hunger Action Month posts, actions you can take and more!

Help keep our warehouse shelves full by making a donation online!

Join our Freedom From Hunger Club

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