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How You Can Help

    How You Can Help

    Why doesn't New Hampshire have a higher participation rate?

    Why do families and individuals not apply for SNAP (Food Stamp) benefits? Click here to learn the common myths about SNAP (Food Stamp Program) that prevent people who need help from applying for benefits.

    We are looking for agencies to partner with the Food Bank in our outreach program!

    Why should your organization partner with the Food Bank to help promote SNAP (Food Stamps)?

    • In these tough times, demand for nutrition assistance goes up but the resources available to administer the programs go down
    • By using a mobile benefit worker, low-income individuals and families will have more choice as to where they receive services
    • SNAP (Food Stamps) help low-income individuals and families, stretch food dollars, put food on the table for children, keep senior family members independent, and help transition individuals and families into self-sufficiency
    • Social service offices could benefit from slightly reduced workload
    • Use of non-state resources helps compensate for reduced state resources
    • SNAP (Food Stamps) help local communities generate economic activity - every $5 in SNAP (Food Stamp) benefits generates $9.20 in total community spending
    • SNAP (Food Stamps) helps local businesses and workers achieve their highest performance level - employees whose food needs are met at home take fewer sick days and are more productive

    What can you do?

    Every day, children and adults throughout New Hampshire go to bed hungry, which negatively impacts their health and well-being. Hunger and undernourishment can affect the health of any person, but children and older adults are particularly vulnerable.

    If you know of someone that is having trouble putting food on the table, tell them about SNAP (Food Stamp program) and:

    • Have our SNAP (Food Stamp) Outreach Coordinator set up office hours at your facility
    • Help promote the outreach event
    • Display the SNAP (Food Stamp) poster at your facility (click to download a copy in English or Spanish)

    For more information, or to set up an appointment, please contact:

    Katy Hiza, SNAP Outreach Coordinator
    New Hampshire Food Bank
    (603) 669-9725 ext. 124

    For more information about New Hampshire's SNAP (Food Stamp Program), go to www.dhhs.nh.gov or call Client Services at (800) 852-4238 or (603) 271-4238

    Join our Freedom From Hunger Club

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    Are you hosting a food drive? Let us know about it and find tips on successful drives.

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